Want to make sure every step counts this City2Surf? Fundraise for WIRES and have your friends and family support you as you train and participate in Sydney's biggest fun run. Every step gives desperate wildlife their second chance in the wild.

$2,070 raised

$40,000 Goal

$2,070 raised

$40,000 Goal

Calling all wildlife warriors! It's time to put your run, walk, or jog into action for this year's Sydney City2Surf. Start a fundraiser for WIRES and take on one of Sydney's biggest physical challenges with the help of your friends and family. Motivate your colleagues and staff by creating a fundraising team, or go it alone. This City2Surf, you can help Native Wildlife by starting a WIRES fundraiser and helping sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife. Let's get started!



It's all in the mindset. Make a committment to yourself and start training.


On your marks, get set....
1/ Register for the race on the City2Surf website here.
2/ Start fundraising for WIRES by clicking on the Fundraise for us button below.


Soar high and share your personal fundraising page  with your tribe and ask them to sponsor you so you can reach your target!

Don't forget you'll also need to separately register on the City2Surf website and pay the entry fee 

Why take up the challenge?

Australian wildlife is at a crisis point. Sadly, Australia has one of the highest rates of species decline in the world. Over the last 200 years, we've lost two of our native species every decade. Today, some of our most iconic and best-loved animals are being pushed to the brink of extinction. It's vital that we halt the extinction crisis, and make sure every one of our remaining species has the protection and care they need to survive. Every dollar you raise will support our 24/7 Wildlife Rescue Service so wherever possible, sick, injured and orphaned native animals get their second chance of life in the wild. Together, we can create a wilder future for Australia.

  Do you have great photos to share?  

We'd love to see your training in action or even inspired moments from the big day itself! Please send us your favourite photos to be given the chance for your photo to feature on the WIRES fundraising website.

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