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WIRES Clarence Valley is passionate about helping wildlife in their local community. If you choose to fundraise for WIRES Clarence Valley you will helping sick, injured and orphaned wildlife have a second chance of life in the wild.

ABOUT WIRES Clarence Valley

Welcome to WIRES Clarence Valley. We are dedicated to the rescue, care, rehabilitation and release of native animals back to the wild in Grafton and Yamba. We believe with every animal we rescue will make a huge difference to halting the extinction crisis that is threatening so many of our much-loved animals. Over the last few years, we've been heavily impacted by unprecedented and catastrophic weather events. Bushfires, floods, and environmental issues are posing new challenges to wildlife, which are putting more strain on our rescue team. We are also passionate about raising awareness about fishing line entanglement. If you choose to raise funds for our branch they will go directly to provide vital rescue and care for wildlife in desperate need.

Contact WIRES

For all wildlife rescue please call 1300 094 737
or fill in our online rescue form
Find out more about becoming a volunteer
General Enquiries Email: info@wires.org.au
Website: wires.org.au

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Lorikeets falling out of the sky

Lorikeet Paralysis Syndrome is escalating in the Clarence Valley. Thousands of native birds are needing urgent assistance, and WIRES volunteer carers are working round the clock to meet demand. Many volunteers are caring for hundreds of birds at a time. We're calling out to local businesses to see if you could help support our carers at this critical time. You may be able to provide coffees, snacks, fresh towels, or even to start a fundraiser for our amazing WIRES Clarence Valley branch. In return we'll place a poster thanking your business in our Community Drop-in Centre - which is currently receiving hundreds of affected birds every day.

 Lorikeets facing crisis 

Thank you for helping! We're calling upon the amazing Clarence Valley business community to give where they can by offering food, coffee vouchers, snacks, or fresh towels for WIRES volunteer wildlife carers who are taking in hundreds of birds at a time, or even starting a WIRES fundraiser in your business to show your support.

We can offer meal/food vouchers
We can offer coffee vouchers
We can start a WIRES Clarence Valley fundraiser
We can provide supplies


There are many ways you can help us deliver urgent rescue, care and rehabilitation for sick, injured, and orphaned native wildlife in the Clarence Valley area. Our area encompasses Grafton and Yamba regions.

Fundraise for us

You can do almost ANYTHING and make it a fundraiser. Fundraising brings people together who are all aligned to the same cause. It's an easy, fun amd inclusive way for you to make a real impact in the community. 

Local business support

We provide wildlife rescue and care thanks to the generosity of like-minded individuals and businesses who provide financial and volunteering support. If you'd like to support us to carry out our mission we'd love to hear from you!


Our volunteers are the heart of what we do. We depend on our team of volunteers to help run our various programs from animal rescue and rehabilitation, to fundraising and administration. If you have a passion to make a meaningful difference to the future of our willdife, we'd love to hear from you.



Organize an outdoor movie night with your friends and put out the festoon lights. You can ask them to donate the cost of a movie ticket to your fundraising page. Upsell to a movie, popcorn, and cocktail package at different prices!


Get rid of your unwanted wares by holding a garage sale or renting a stall at your local market. One person's trash is another person's treasure! Help native wildlife in need of rescue and care by donating your proceeds.


Create a team and hold each other accountable as you set an active challenge target. Whether you're walking daily or practicing yoga, or doing something daring, encourage your teammates to ask their friends and families to sponsor your team.


Is there something you've always wanted to achieve, but keep putting it off because of fear or time? Have your friends, family and colleagues sponsor you as you achieve your dream or face your fears. Usually the harder the challenge, the more support you'll drum up.


Are you the secret 'Master Chef' in your group? Do you love to create food in the kitchen for others to enjoy? Hosting a dinner party, or an outdoor lunch on your deck, is a great way to do something for a great cause and show off your skills in the process! Ask your friends to make a donation to your fundraising page to the value of what they would pay for the meal at a restaurant.


Ever wanted to start a healthy kick and give up that morning coffee, or alcohol or how many hours in a day you spend on social media, but need support while you do it? This may be your time as you ask your friends and family to sponsor you for each day you go without as you pave the way to the 'new you'! 


Show your support for our native wildlife by dying your hair green. Ask your friends and family to sponsor you as you stand out from the crowd for a month. In case you get stopped in the street and asked why you're doing it, we have lots of wildlife information for you to share.


Have fun and ask your friends to donate to your page and host a karaoke night at your place or at a local venue. Have a laugh as you and your friends belt out your favourite songs..who knows you may have a closet Adele among you!


Get involved with a friend or go it solo at one of the many events throughout the year where you can help raise funds for vulnerable wildlilfe.

Still need more inspiration?

Download our A-Z of Fundraising ideas.

If you have your own crazy idea which you feel will get your mates and colleagues into action, contact us so we can help bring your idea into fruition!



To get started simply click the 'Register your Fundraiser' and follow the prompted journey!

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This is the fun part! Follow the prompts to create your very own fundraising page by adding in your profile picture and why you decided to take action for Australian wildlife!

share your fundraiser

Once you've created your page you will be given your unique URL which you can then share with your friends and family so you can start asking for support! We have some handy resources you can use which will support you in promoting your fundraiser. It really is that simple!


We want your fundraiser to be a raging success! We've compiled some handy resources to assist you along the way.

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