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Quarrymans 10th Birthday Fundraising

Support us as we fundraise for Australian wildlife!

The Quarrymans Hotel is turning 10 this year!! 

We opened our doors as one of the few craft beer venues in 2013 back when there were only a handful of people who appreciated craft beers. When we started we encountered some  initial resistance, with people often turning on their heels and walking out the door when they learnt that we didn’t have any VB or New on tap. Those were the days! But we stayed true to our mission, which is to promote Australian craft beers to people in Sydney. It has been a wild but fun ride and we are proud of our achievement that we were able to contribute in some way to the now strong Australian craft beer industry.


Pre-Covid, we used to hold a charity event every year for Cat Protection Society of NSW in honour of our pub cat Hopsy. We feel that it is the right time to hold another after 3 years of silence and to celebrate our birthday. This year we are donating all the proceeds to WIRES (Wildlife Information Rescue & Education Services). We hear that scientists are predicting another El Niño this summer. We just don’t want to see another devastating bush fire sweep through our bushland killing millions of our precious wildlife.


On the night we will, as usual, be slinging a plethora of great Australian craft beer. The night will culminate in a charity auction, whereby a number of beer and wine related packages (cans, bottles, merchandise, anything really!) will be auctioned off to the highest bidders, with all funds going to WIRES. All donations will be acknowledged and itemised on our auction sheet, and verbally acknowledged by the auctioneer. 

As a team we ask all our staff to help raise fund for this great cause.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Alex Swift

Good charity to get behind, happy birthday Q


Patrick Maguire


Taro Mitsumori



Kyo Tando


Dani & Mike

Happy 10th birthday!! Hope the auction goes well, and have some drinks for us, especially the Strange Cat sour!



Can’t be there but will be in sprit ❤️ 100% ❤️



Happy anniversary team! Love your work.❤️❤️🐨🦘💨


Peter Toot


Harry Maxwell


Alexandra Mulder


Anna Hickson


Linda Traxl

Happy 10th Anniversary to the Q! What a great auction and a great cause to support!! We miss you hopsy xx


Hayley Lambert


Dean Suters

Haven for Koala Lovers




Sharon Burdzy


Sean Dillane